Lightest anti-penetration layer ever!

WHITELAYER® is a completely new type of material, never used before in the shoe industry

WHITELAYER® is stronger than steel and at the same time extremely flexible, successfully replacing the standard solution in soles – metal. Integrated as a safety layer in safety shoes, weighs only 32 grams and is thus 55% lighter compared to other textile anti-penetration layers. As an added bonus, this material is also breathable and sweat-absorbing. In fact, there is no fabric that can compete with it. Whitelayer® amazing properties: double resistance combined with super lightness, great flexibility, softness, and perfect energy absorption, are the qualities that set it apart from all other anti-penetration materials.

Extreme Resistance

The new generation of anti-penetration fabric

The secret lies in the details. This unique, extremely strong fabric owes its features to the special composition.

It consists of 96% of compressed Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMwPE, (C2-H4)n) which has extremely long molecular chains. It transports impact much more effectively to the polymer structure. As a result, UHMwPE is 15 times stronger than steel and it is the most impact-resistant thermoplastic material.

Moreover, the fabric is extra durable even in the most extreme environments due to a 4% Stainless Steel fiber in the Whitelayer® composition.

Antipenetration Fabric

Puncture resistant when you need it.

The main purpose of safety shoes is to protect your feet. Currently, a lot of brands offer substitutes with a metal layer sole which are usually much lighter but not always durable enough.

Whitelayer® is a totally new type of non-metal, anti-penetration fabric. It is a perfect combination of both of these features. In practical terms, this is the strongest fabric in the history of work footwear – two times more resistant to puncture and impact than any other available material on the market. Currently, our technology can be found in Airtox safety footwear.

R&D guarantee

Our R&D center can guarantee the real reliability of Whitelayer® because of the excellent results of many tests which the fabric has been subjected to. It stays durable and works excellent in contact with very sharp objects such as nails. It retains its anti-penetration features even under the pressure of a 100-kg man, providing a total safety for your feet. It’s extremely protective – it is no coincidence that similar fabric is used for ballistic protection.

Whitelayer Fabric

The fabric which blunts cutting machines.
It’s so hard.

So light and soft you can't even tell it's there.

Unique lightness & softness

Naturally, the most important aspect of using anti-penetration fibers is providing safety. But… have you ever wondered whether work footwear could be less rigid and heavy at the same time? Our mission is to break the traditional line of thought.

We’ve created a new generation of fabric which gives you much more than our competitors. What is it exactly? A lightness and unique softness that make wearing safety shoes comfortable and pleasant not only at work but all day long.


lighter than any other protective fabric

Whitelayer® is 55% lighter than any other non-metal anti-penetration material. The truly revolutionary construction of the lining introduces a completely new view on safety shoes where comfort meets standards and fulfills the needs of even the most demanding customers. Finally, the softness of Whitelayer® and its placement between other layers in a sole prevents it from moving and causing foot injuries.

Flexibility you didn’t expect

Another innovative feature of Whitelayer® in anti-penetration materials is great flexibility. It is obvious that a metal layer doesn’t provide this property but its substitutes should. Does it happen in reality? Well, not always.

Whitelayer® ensures much higher flexibility than other non-metal fabrics. It doesn’t block freedom of movements, turning freely in all directions. It definitely increases the value, quality, and comfort of wearing safety shoes.

Because work footwear doesn’t have to be burdensome to use any more.

Whitelayer Flexibility

What else does WHITELAYER® offer to you?

Additional features


WHITELAYER® is odorless

and it will keep

your feet fresh

and comfortable

for a long time.

Low moisture absorption


low moisture absorption

you will keep your

feet dry and healthy

for the whole day.

Abrasion resistance

WHITELAYER® is not only


but also provides great

abrasion resistance,

so you can be sure

it will last for long.

Where can you find WHITELAYER®


& more...

Revolutionary properties of Whitelayer® make it a great solution for safety shoe manufacturing. Our anti-penetration layer protects workers’ feet in hard and demanding environments such as mining, land and sea operations, construction sites and many more.  Anywhere you need the highest level of safety, reliability and comfort, there’s a place for Whitelayer®.

Currently, Whitelayer® is successfully used by the innovative Danish safety shoe and sneakers brand – Airtox®.

Airtox® – the epic Danish safety shoe packed with tomorrow’s technologies. Providing superior comfort and unseen lightness to the professional market.